Why should you purchase two wheeler own damage before going on a road trip

Riding a long distance trip is fun but not have insurance and might getting in a unwanted situation will ruin the trip.

When scrolling through instagram, you would often see bike lovers going on long bike rides, exploring the ghats, valleys, etc. Traveling long distances on motorcycles has become pretty common. You would see many bike enthusiasts going on trips from Mumbai to Lonavala, Pune to Goa, Bangalore to Coonoor, etc. Bike trips to Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley, etc. are common too.

No matter what the distance, it has become essential for bike owners to insure their bike with a two wheeler insurance policy. While third party insurance is a mandatory requirement by the law, comprehensive two wheeler insurance offers protection against damages caused to third party persons or property. However, no matter how well prepared you are or how smart a rider you are, insuring your bike with comprehensive two wheeler insurance is important. To ensure you are financially covered against damages caused to your bike and also that of the third party, availing own damage cover for the bike is essential.

What is own damage cover in two wheeler insurance?

Own damage cover for bike insurance protects your bike against damages, whilst providing you with third party coverage. OD cover also provides coverage in the event of theft, natural calamity, man made calamity, accident, etc. This cover will compensate you for the loss or damage caused to the bike, providing you with required financial assistance.

Why is having own damage cover essential before going on a road trip?

Own damage two wheeler cover will protect for repair or replacement of the two wheeler parts in case it gets damaged due to an accident. While third party insurance only pays in case of the damages you may cause to third party person or property, own damage cover provides coverage for third party damages as well as damages caused to your bike too.

Few insurance companies also offer you cashless claims assistance service using which you can claim your own damage coverage without having to pay a single penny to the garage. However, this service is offered only if you get your vehicle repaired at the insurer’s garage network.

The claim is directly taken care of by the insurance company and in the event of total loss of the vehicle i.e. if the cost of vehicle repair is 75% more than the IDV, then compensation up to IDV amount is given.

Get additional protection with bike insurance add on

Accidents can happen anytime and your motor vehicle can have a breakdown even in the middle of the road. At such times, having a roadside assistance cover is beneficial as it offers quick assistance in case of vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road. You can purchase roadside assistance add-on by paying an additional premium.

Even key protection add-on cover can help you to a great extent in case the keys of your motor vehicle are stolen. The emergency hotel accommodation add-on will provide cover in case your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road and you need to stay at a hotel tonight. In such cases, this add on will compensate the cost of the hotel.

Exclusions of own damage insurance cover

Given below are the exclusions of own damage insurance cover:

Own damage insurance cover will not provide coverage in case of below:

  • Riding without a valid driving license
  • Riding under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown of the vehicle
  • Coverage that is outside policy terms and conditions


Availing a two wheeler insurance policy is the best choice to make before going on a long bike ride. However, to get extra protection, you can choose to add various bike insurance add ons to enhance coverage of your own damage policy.


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