Step-to-Step Guide On How To Buy A Long-Term Two-Wheeler Insurance

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If you are a two wheeler insurance owner, then you would probably know that you can buy two wheeler insurance for a long term as well. This, thus, ensures that you receive continuous coverage and don’t have to carry out the renewal process on a yearly basis. If you are looking to purchase a long term two wheeler insurance then here’s a step by step guide on buying the same. Read on to know.

What is long term two wheeler insurance?

Long term two wheeler insurance is a type of insurance which you can purchase for a maximum of 3-5 years. This type of insurance can be purchased to get coverage against third party as well as own damage. For new bikes, long term third party insurance cover can be purchased for a period of 5 years, whereas, comprehensive can be purchased for 1 year including third party cover for 5 years. For bikes older than 5 years, third party cover can be purchased for 3 years, whereas, comprehensive cover for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Coverage under long term two wheeler insurance

Long term two wheeler insurance provides the below coverage:

  • Coverage against natural calamities such as earthquake, fire, storm, etc
  • Bike theft
  • Accidental damages or losses
  • Damages caused due to riots, vandalism, etc.

Benefits of buying long term two wheeler insurance

Given below are few of the benefits of buying long term two wheeler insurance:

  • Premium stays the same: When you insure your bike for a long period of time, the premium for comprehensive as well as third party stays the same. Moreover, for long term cover insurance companies also offer you a discount.
  • Convenience: With long term two wheeler cover, you don’t have to worry about policy renewal on a yearly basis and you can enjoy uninterrupted coverage.
  • Coverage: Get coverage against third party damages, theft, man made calamity, natural calamity, etc. Additionally, with this type of insurance there is no break in period involved which makes it easy for you to receive policy coverage for a continuous period.
  • Standard third party insurance rates: The premium for third party insurance is decided by the IRDA. In the case of long term two wheeler insurance purchase, you are protected against the increase in third party premium rate.

Guide to buy long term two wheeler insurance

Buying a long term two wheeler is easy with the advent of technology. You can follow the below guide to purchase long term two wheeler insurance.

Decide on the coverage you want:

If you have a new bike then choosing comprehensive long term insurance is the right choice. However, if your bike is older than 5 years, you can proceed with choosing only third party cover based on your requirement. Also, it is important to note that purchasing third party insurance is mandatory as per the law.

Calculate premium:

Your bike’s premium is calculated based on the engine capacity, year of manufacture, make and model, etc. You can calculate the premium of your car policy or can also check car insurance quotes by various insurers online.

Ratings and reviews:

Get opinion from your friends and family on the type of insurance you should purchase. Read reviews and check ratings of the insurance company online before making any purchase.

Check car insurance quotes:

After deciding on the coverage, check car insurance quotes offered by various insurers and opt for the insurance company that offers you great customer service.


Buying long term insurance is the best option to ensure your bike is fully insured against all the types of damages, without any break in the coverage.


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