Passenger cover in Two Wheeler Insurance

A two wheeler insurance policy protects your vehicle against unforeseen risks;

It provides you with financial coverage in case the bike is damaged due to man-made, natural calamity or is stolen. Basic third party insurance is mandatory to purchase in India, providing coverage against damages, death or disability caused to third party or property. Apart from third party cover, purchasing personal accident cover for owner-riders is also mandatory as it provides coverage in case of bodily injury, permanent disability or death caused due to an accident. Personal accident cover provides compensation up to Rs. 15 lakh to the owner-rider. However, have you ever wondered about the pillion rider? How can you cover your co-passenger in case of an accident or any other event while riding the bike? The answer is simple- get a passenger cover.

Passenger cover is an add-on that you can purchase along with a comprehensive bike insurance policy; it can be purchased by paying additional premium.

What is passenger cover?

A passenger cover is an add-on that you can purchase to get coverage for the person sitting behind you on the bike. It provides coverage to the co-passenger against injuries or death caused due to an accident or a mishap. This cover can be availed by paying additional premium along with your base comprehensive policy. Considering the passenger cover provides coverage to the pillion, it is important you purchase this cover and also ride safely.

Passenger cover features

Given below are the features of passenger cover:

  • It can be purchased by paying additional premium along with comprehensive or standard car policy.
  • It covers the pillion against accidental death, accidental or permanent disability
  • The insurance company will pay for the injury caused to the passenger so that you are not liable to pay for the damages caused to the passenger

Who should opt for passenger cover?

It is important that every bike owner purchases passenger cover to insure the pillion. However, it is crucial that below bike owners purchase this cover.

  • People living in accident prone areas
  • People travelling with pillion daily
  • People who usually travel long distance

Importance of purchasing passenger cover in two wheeler insurance

In the event of an accident, you are liable to pay off the obligations in case of injury or disability caused to the pillion. Hence, adding a passenger cover to the base policy can help you get enhanced coverage and added protection to both you and the passenger. Given below are few of the disadvantages of buying a passenger cover.

  • Offer financial help to the family of the passenger in case he dies or becomes disabled due to an accident
  • Cover the treatment cost of the passenger in case he gets hospitalised
  • Offers you peace of mind as you get a sense of assurance that the passenger is covered any any injuries caused to him will be covered

Purchasing and riding the bike is easy. However, you need to be extra cautious when riding with a pillion as you carry the responsibility of ensuring complete safety of them. With the benefits that a passenger cover provides, it is best to buy it today.


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