How to improve your bike battery performance?

Taking good care and ensuring timely maintenance of your bike is essential to ensure its optimal performance.

To keep your bike running smoothly, it is necessary to take good care of its battery as they are an important part of the bike’s electrical system such as charging, starting off the bike, ignition, etc. At times, the bike’s battery only gets checked at the time of servicing, however, that is not the only time to get the battery checked. You should do a timely check and do several battery related maintenance activities that will help you improve the battery life. Read on to know how you can improve your bike’s battery performance.

You don’t need to be a skilled mechanical professional to do the below tasks to improve your bike’s battery performance. Following the below tips will ensure that the battery’s power stays intact.

Check on the wiring: 

Faulty wiring can be troublesome and hence, it is important to keep a regular check on the battery’s wiring. Battery related wiring problems can be caused due to windy riding conditions, heavy rains, rodent attacks, etc. Keeping a note of such problems can help you fix the issue at the earliest possible.

Do not use any unnecessary frills: 

Riders today tend to enhance the aesthetics of the bike by adding various elements such as extra lights, accessories, etc. These lights and accessories are often powered by the bike’s battery. It is best to avoid using such frills as they can drain the battery. Extra load can reduce the battery capacity of the bike. Hence, it is best to consult a professional who can help you gauge the extra load the battery can take with respect to the LED lights and other modifications.

Don’t forget to disconnect the battery: 

When you are not using the two wheeler, it is best to disconnect the battery. For instance, during the rainy season, people often avoid using the bike. During such times, disconnecting the battery is imperative to improve its longevity.

Charge the battery: 

If you are not sure whether the battery of the bike is dead or not, then first it is better to see if you can activate it by charging it. Opt for a new battery only if you are unable to recharge the dead one. Usually, a bike’s battery carries a warranty of 1-2 years which may vary from insurer to insurer.

Check for degradation: 

Usually, a bike does not start in the first attempt as the engine turns cold. However, if the bike still does not charge after several attempts, it is best to check for battery degradation.

Ensure the battery is fully charged: 

Don’t allow the bike’s battery to exhaust before you charge it. Complete exhaustion of the bike’s battery will impact its performance and also shorten its life span. Hence, regular and timely charging is essential.

Does two wheeler insurance cover the cost of battery replacement?

Two wheeler insurance policy does not cover the cost of battery replacement. Bike insurance is designed to safeguard your finances in times of a mishap. However, the extent of coverage you get depends on the bike insurance company. Hence, it is best to check on the policy terms and conditions to make an informed choice.


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