Electric bike vs Fuel Bike: Which one should you choose?

Considering the plethora of two wheeler options available in the market, choosing the best one as per your budget and requirements can be challenging. The first question that may come across your mind would be whether to choose an electric bike or a fuel bike.

Electric bikes are gaining popularity as they have the ability to reduce pollution caused by fuel bikes. Additionally, e-bikes are low on maintenance and easy to use. Moreover, the constant surge in fuel prices has also led to an increase in demand for e-bikes. However, irrespective of the bike you choose, it is necessary that you purchase bike insurance as it is mandatory to do as per the law.

Confused between electric bike and fuel bike? Read on to know the factors that can help you make the right choice.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bike is a battery powered bike that assists propulsion. Modern day e bikes make use of lithium ion batteries that are more effective and efficient compared to the traditional batteries. The battery can be charged using a charger without having to worry about the fuel drop.

Fuel bike vs electric bike

Read on to know the differences between fuel bike and electric bike

Environment friendly

Compared to fuel bikes, electric bikes are environmentally friendly, emitting 50% less carbon dioxide compared to fuel powered engines. E-bikes ensure little or no air pollution as these bikes require charging with the help of electric energy ensuring zero emissions. Compared to fuel powered bikes, e-bikes convert 77% of energy compared to petrol bikes that only convert 12%-30%.


In terms of pricing, e-bikes and petrol bikes are more or less similar. However, in terms of consideration of long term expenses such as maintenance and fuel, e-bikes make for an affordable choice. Petrol engines require higher maintenance in comparison to e-bikes. The Government of India too enables you to get a GST benefit up to 28% on purchase of electric bikes that are environmentally friendly.


If you have been already using a petrol bike then you would have noticed that every 6 months, you need to get the basic servicing for the bike done. The mechanical parts of the petrol bike require regular wear and tear in comparison to electric vehicles that feature minimal mechanical parts.

Comfortable to ride

While this depends on your personal preference, but in general, e-bikes are comfortable to ride. You can ride the bike without making any noise and causing any discomfort to your neighbors. This means that e bikes help you reduce noise pollution too. Moreover, e-bikes don’t vibrate much compared to petrol bikes when you stop at the signal or are riding. You can also enjoy a seamless riding experience since you don;t have to worry about clutch or gears while riding on heavy traffic.

Convenience and range

Petrol bikes feature an internal combustion engine that require petrol as fuel to operate, electric bikes on the other hand are powered with batteries that are pre installed. All you need to do is remove the battery, charge it for 6-10 hours and ride the e-bike without requiring any fuel assistance. A 6-10 hour charged battery can easily help you cover a distance of 75-150 kms. Moreover, the batteries also come with a warranty of 3-6 years which may vary from brand to brand. E-bikes are convenient to charge as charges are available at almost all petrol stations today and you don’t have to wait in a queue for hours to charge the same.


When choosing between a fuel bike and electric bike, you can keep in mind the above parameters to make the best choice. However, irrespective of which bike you choose, never miss out on buying bike insurance as it is mandatory to do so and can help you cater to all your financial liablities arising out of damages caused to your bike as well as that of the others.


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