Does bike insurance policy cover fire damage

Your bike is one of the most precious and prized possessions you own.

The very thought of your bike being stolen or damaged due to fire can be quite disturbing. Having a bike insurance policy can be a sense of respite as your insurance company might offer you coverage in case of damages due to fire, but this will depend on the type of insurance you have. Read on to know all about fire damage cover in two wheeler insurance.

Is fire damage covered under bike insurance?

Yes, a comprehensive bike insurance policy or standalone bike insurance cover does provide coverage for damages caused due to fire. In case the bike is damaged due to fire and requires repair work or parts need to be replaced, then the cost of the same will be covered under bike insurance. In case the damage is beyond repair i.e more than 75% of the insured declared value, then the insurance company will pay an amount up to the mentioned IDV.

While third party insurance cover is mandatory as per the law, it only provides protection against damages caused to third party or property; it does not cover fire damages caused to your own bike.

Types of two wheeler insurance that provide coverage for fire damage

Given below are types of bike insurance that provide coverage against fire damage:

Comprehensive two wheeler insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy provides protection in case of damages caused to third party and own bike. It provides coverage for your bike in case of the below circumstances.

  • Damages caused due to fire
  • Third party injury
  • Third party property damage
  • Death of third party
  • Damages caused due to man-made calamities
  • Damages caused due to natural calamities
  • Vehicle theft
  • Accidental damages
Standalone own damage insurance

As the name suggests, a standalone own damage insurance cover provides cover only in case of damages caused to your own bike. This cover can be purchased separately along with third party insurance.

  • Bike theft
  • Damages caused due to fire
  • Accidental damage
  • Natural calamities
  • Man Made calamities

What is covered under fire damage?

Given below are few inclusions of a fire damage policy:

  • Natural calamities
  • House fire
  • Fire caused by motor accident
  • Riots
  • Vandalism

What is not covered under fire damage?

Given below are few exclusions of a fire damage policy:

  • Fire caused due to electrical or mechanical defect
  • Fire caused due to your own negligence or deliberate acts
  • Fire caused due to addition of extra accessories
  • Fire caused outside the specific geographical area

How to claim for damages caused due to fire?

Follow the below process to claim for damages caused by fire:

  • Inform the insurance company within 48 hours
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station
  • Submit the required documents like identity proof, address proof, etc.
  • Surveyor will be sent for inspection
  • In case of total loss, amount up to the insured declared value will be given to you
  • In case of repair or replacement required, compensation will be given by the insurer
Documents required to submit claim for fire damage:
  • FIR copy
  • Driving license
  • Report of the fire brigade
  • Registration certificate

You will be able to file a claim for fire damage only in case of comprehensive policy or standalone policy. Follow the above steps and keep the above points in mind for a successful claims experience.


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