All The Steps You Need To Follow If A Motorcycle Is Lost Or Stolen

Your bike certainly is one of the most prized possessions you own.

Losing it can be disheartening and stressful too. However, if you have a bike insurance policy you can breathe a sigh of relief because the coverage for the same will be provided by the insurance company. But it is imperative to note that bike theft is covered only in case of comprehensive bike insurance. The claim for a stolen or lost bike will be settled based on the insured declared value mentioned in the policy. Read on to know the steps you should follow in case your motorcycle is lost or stolen

What is bike theft insurance?

Bike theft insurance is the financial protection offered by the insurance company on purchase of comprehensive insurance cover. Without this cover, you will not be eligible to receive cover from the insurance company and will have to spend the cost of buying a new bike out of your pocket. With this cover, bike insurance theft claims will be settled based on the insured declared value of the bike i.e. existing market value mentioned in your policy.

Steps to claim insurance for bike theft

As soon as you find out that your bike is stolen, then it is recommended to follow the below steps:

1).  File a first information report

When you realize your bike is stolen, report the same immediately in your local police station and file an FIR. Filing an FIR is one of the mandatory steps to take

2).  Inform the insurance company

Call the insurance company and intimate them about the stolen bike and understand the further steps you need to undertake

3).  Notify the theft at the Regional Transport Office

You need to report the theft at the RTO office where your bike is originally registered. Complete the further process by submitting the necessary documents and doing the required paperwork.

4).  Finish the documentation process

Once you have acquired the required documents such as FIR and RTO related documents, submit the below documents to the insurance company

  • Bike’s registration certificate
  • Driving license
  • Bike insurance policy
  • Original keys of the bike
  • RTO transfer papers such as Form 28, 29, 30 and 35
5).  Obtain the non traceable report

From the local police station where you had filed an FIR, you need to obtain the non traceable report stating that your bike is not traceable. The insurance company will accept the non traceable report as a proof that your bike is not being found and will then settle the claim as per the terms and conditions.

6).  Claim approval

On receiving the documents, the claim is settled by the insurance company. The maximum amount compensated is equivalent to the insured declared value of the vehicle.

Steps to take in case if bike is lost:

  • Inform the insurance company
  • Report the matter at the nearest police station
  • Inform the RTO Authorities
  • Obtain non traceable report from the police
  • Submit documents as FIR copy, non traceable report to the insurance company
  • Post verification of all the documents, your claim will be successfully settled

Consequences of not having insurance cover for loss or theft of bike

Given below are the consequences of not having bike insurance that provides cover for theft or loss of bike

Financial loss:

To get a stolen or lost bike replaced, you will have to pay for the cost out of pocket. Especially if you have taken the bike on EMI, then you will still have to bear the cost of the EMIs and then plan on purchasing a new bike.

Dependence on public transport: 

You may have to depend on public transport for traveling to work, home or any other place. Loss or theft of a bike can increase your dependence on public transport which can make your daily commute a bit difficult.

Unwanted stress: 

Losing your bike which is a valuable asset can lead to unwanted stress as your dependence on public transport increases and you also have to deal with financial stress.


Loss or theft of the bike can be a terrible situation to be in. The best thing to deal with such a situation is to be prepared with a bike insurance policy.


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