About Us

Insurance is an IRDAI authorised insurance broking firm. We started as a website back in 2016, with an aim to make insurance simple. 

If you want to buy insurance – you would want to compare features and prices of an insurance policy and buy the best policy that you deserve. Then, you would expect some help if ever you want to make a claim or renew the policy. Right?

We do all of that – and more!

How are we doing it?

...simplifying everything about Insurance. We'll do it all for you.

Buying Insurance

Our algorithms find and rank plans that best suit your individual needs.

Managing Insurance

An experienced team of insurance experts are always available for your assistance. The My Account feature gives you full control of your policy. You can:

Claim Settlement

We provide end-to-end support for claims. Right from filing claims to the final claim settlement.

Life @ Insurance

When anyone orders food. He orders for four. Not sharing food, is not an option. 🙂
We take having fun very seriously. Thursday are for junk food eating competitions, Drinking games, Counter strikes and more. Anything to put Friday nights to shame.
Mini golf, Football, Basketball, Darts - We have it all in our office. Only catch is, every game ends up being a bizarre bet. Or when something breaks.
Our productivity mantra: Work - Play - Repeat.
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